Choosing Electric Bed Mattress Sizes

Choosing Electric Bed Mattress Sizes

Some suggestions on how to correctly size your mattress when using electric beds.

There are over 15 different style 'single' electric bed mattress sizes in Australia. Never assume that one mattress size fits all makes and models of electric beds.

Avoiding Entrapment Gaps

The distance between the ends of the mattress and the head / foot boards should never be more than 30mm. If using side rails on your bed, the space between the side rails and the mattress should never be greater than 30mm on each side of the mattress.


Do not exceed the maximum user weight printed on the mattress cover. Overloading the mattress may result in user discomfort and bottoming out against the mattress base platform. This event may contribute to the forming of a pressure injury.

Non-powered/Foam mattress products are not intended to be used as a replacement for Powered/Alternating Air mattress products. Where off-loading of pressure is required Powered or Alternating Air mattress products with large air cells should be used.

Please also note that people should never smoke in bed.